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Anonymous said: I have always enjoyed drawing/painting/creating. I have considered applying to art school, but my parents were absolutely against it. Not being brave enough, I am now a junior majoring in economics. When I look back, I think that is one of the biggest mistakes I've made in my life, because studying economics makes me sick. I wanna start studying art more seriously, but I'm scared. I'm self-taught, and I know I have a long way to go. Could you give me some advice please?


Never regret anything (unless you eat too many doughnuts - I do that all the time) - the trick is to learn and grow from all your experiences.

Family is important, so it isn’t that you weren’t brave, you just put priority on what other people wanted for you instead pursuing what you wanted first - I was lucky enough to be surrounded by people who were supportive of whatever and whoever I’ve wanted to be and to whom the creative world was not strange and scary and unknown. Like most similar situations your family is trying to protect you from the unpredictable and sometimes difficult life of an artist/creative (because sometimes it can be like that) - but now it’s your chance to show them that they don’t need to do that.

If creating is what you like to do, be a superhero. By day, study economics, and by night and every spare moment you have, be a thing maker. A lot of incredibly talented artists did something else before they were successful artists, and it was because they did something else, which they desired less, that they were so fabulous. Want and passion are driving forces, and when you immerse yourself in something you don’t like, it makes doing what you love that much more refreshing.

I can’t really give you any real advice or direciton because I don’t know you, or your situation. But do what your gut tells you, be fearless, but don’t undermine the courage you already have because you have love and respect for your family. Good luck kiddo! x

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